Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Client Win

RepForce is going International . Yesterday , we signed our first International Client - a Pharma company based in Moscow . The Client is going to deploy RepForce with our Mobixcess mobile framework on Windows Mobile Smartphones in Russian Language.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Back from Mumbai

Just got back from a two day stint in Mumbai . Secured a new Pharma client win for my company. We were prospecting this Company for last one year and finally it paid off . What helped us win , were two very important factors- Firstly our indepth knowledge ( and off course our Product offering) of the Pharma Industries Sales Force Process and Secondly the lack of flexibility offered in their previous solution used. I shall post more on why we were succesfull in this win in my next post on "Selecting the right SFA solution and a good implementation partner" .

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My First Post

Was watching NDTV last night when they carried a news item on Big B's blog and how he got into blogging. So i thought to my self if Big B can blog then so can I.

But what could i blog about ? An article from Guy Kawasaki gave me the answer .It says blog to share your experiences.

However the big quetion was on what could i possibly share that would add value to my visitors. Why not my current work profile experiences.

Presto! My blog idea was already flashing in my brains- "The RepForce Blog"where i could post and share the rich experiences i had gained in last couple of years in the Pharma Sales Force Automation field while interacting with the leaders in the Pharma Industry in India.

I hope that over the next couple of months , I shall be able to consistently post (considering my busy :-o schedule ) articles that add value to my blog vistors.